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Half-Life: Blue Shift is another expansion game created by Gearbox Software. The game, like another expansion pack Opposing Force, puts you inside the Black Mesa Research facility, during the time when Gordon Freeman's experiment goes horribly wrong. This time you take the role of one of the security guards, who helped Freeman in Half-Life.

Blue Shift has more of the same action from Half-Life and Opposing Force, you must get deep into the bowels of the facility to find a way out of there. On your way you will encounter alien enemies that are being transported from another dimension, as well as human enemies like government forces trying to clean up the situation. Blue Shift offers a great amount of level puzzles and objectives to keep you entertained, as well as that cinematic feel from Half-Life. During the course of the game you will even see Gordon Freeman a few times. Although the game is just more of the same thing from Half-Life and Opposing Force, it is nonetheless a great formula for a first person shooter. Right now the price of the game is really low through Steam (Valve's distribution service), so it's worth it for some hours of fun.

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  • Great Storyline and lots of fun


  • A bit short
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